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What we are looking for
Do you have a unique perspective as a father?  Have you had experiences you want to share with other men? Have you gained experiences that would be of value to others?

If you are interested in providing your perspective as a father, we always welcome submissions.  Essays on the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, particularly with humor or irony, are valuable to other dads.  We are particularly interested in thoughtful pieces that discuss highly contested subjects such as circumcision, home-schooling, Ferberizing, breastfeeding, natural child-birth, disciplining, etc.

Book reviews are also desired — short pieces that provide synopsis and POV in under 400 words.

How to submit material

Simply email us the piece you would like published, along with images that you have copyright permission to distribute.  In addition, please provide us with some background information about yourself, contact information, and if possible, a face shot to include with the piece.

Pieces should be submitted in Word, with images in jpeg or gif format.  If you are a format freak, you can also produce a PDF file in your favorite layout program and we will do our best to duplicate it on our site.


Please do not send materials that you have published elsewhere.  However, if you do have an article on a blog that you think is of particular interest to our audience, please do send us a link and we will try to include it either in our blog links, or embed it within a blog entry on our site.

Lastly keep in mind that if you do send us material and we publish it, you are granting us a non-exclusive right to maintain your piece live on our site.  You still maintain other rights to the piece, and if The Unorthodox Dad reprints the material, the author will receive half of the earnings.

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